Namecheap Review – Cheap Domains and Cool Names!




  • Cheapest prices on the market
  • Reliable
  • Great 24/7 support
  • All new gTLDs are available
  • Extensive knowledgebase


  • Web hosting not that great
  • Backend user interface could be better

We use Namecheap for all of our domains. They have the cheapest prices on the market (especially if you get a deal during Black Friday/Cyber Monday). They also have a huge list of .cool new available TLD extensions that you can register. What we like about them is that even though they are cheap, they are still reliable and have great 24/7 support. Finding both cheap and quality products is an unthinkable task nowadays. However, Namecheap is great (for domains).

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They really are cheap

With the services that Namecheap offers, you can’t really find anything cheaper. You can still find a domain for under a dollar, but the provider will most likely have bad 24/7 support or no free WhoisGuard. Their domains are cheap as it is, but you can get them even cheaper if you buy the domains during a promo (usually Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

They are reliable

You won’t suddenly lose your domain. Your website won’t suddenly go offline. Their DNS servers won’t go offline. They won’t block you out of your domains for nothing and not let you know about it. They’ve been in business for years and they’ve had positive reviews from the get-go. You can rest assured that you are getting quality services for the lowest prices available on the market.

Great 24/7 support

We wish we kept all of our support chat transcripts we’ve had with Namecheap. Every time we contact them they are available (and we’ve contacted them both in the AM and PM, weekends and weekdays). There’s little to no wait. Even when we had to wait before, it was just a few minutes and they kindly asked us to wait while they look at our request. Reply and resolution time is usually done in a few minutes, depending on your issue. They are always kind and helpful, even when someone asks a stupid question or has a dumb request.

Their support team actually wants to help you. They don’t just point you to their knowledgebase (which is great, btw!), they will help you and guide you through every step of the way. They write in clear English and you can clearly understand their instructions, even though (based on names alone) it seems like they are not from English-speaking countries. We may be wrong, though.

They have all the .cool new gTLD extensions

You can even pre-order and get on the waiting list for some gTLD (generic top-level domain) extensions that aren’t officially released yet! Have in mind that these are only generic top-level domains like .rocks. Domain extensions like .com, .net, .org etc. and international extensions like are not included in this list, though they are still available at Namecheap. We got a (maybe) exclusive list of all the gTLD extensions available at Namecheap:

That’s a lot, huh? .com is old school. Get with the times and order an awesome domain with an interesting extension! Your domain will surely be memorable and brandable with one of these extensions

All you need is already there in the knowledgebase

They have a huge, extensive knowledgebase. They have a tutorial for almost any issue you can have with your domains. Even if you don’t find a solution in their knowledgebase (or if you’re just feeling lazy), you can contact their 24/7 support anytime.

Their hosting services are not the best (though still great)

And that’s expected. Mind you, they are still lightyears ahead of some of the bad hosts out there. They generally are a domain provider and they (probably) put more focus on their domain services. Follow our web hosting guide and choose a different provider as a host. You should never get domains and web hosting from the same provider anyway. Get domains from one provider and hosting services from another. You can combine SSLs and Domains from the same provider, though. Namecheap has great offers on SSLs.

IMHO, their UI can be better

Although it is intuitive and nice-looking, their back-end user interface could/should get an update. Some options (like the affiliate dashboard, for example) are sometimes hard to find. Sometimes it can be a bit slow. Their front-end looks great, though.


Namecheap are great. Get (or transfer) your domains there. Preferably, get hosting from a different provider.

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